The Ultimate Track Spikes Buying Guide - The Track Spikes (2024)

Having the right spikes can make or break your season. You deserve the best track spikes that make every race a great one. With the right spikes, you will feel the swagger and confidence you need on race day. You are going to be spending important moments in these shoes, so they must be comfortable, lightweight, and fast. We look at the top track spikes available,

We’ll be looking at several different types of track spikes mainly focusing on comfort, design, and speed. Finding the right spikes is different from getting soccer cleats or basketball shoes. Your shoe has to give you proper stability, comfort, and grip. If you are looking for new trainers, you may also want to see our latest review on Running Shoes for Men and Running Shoes for Women.

Shot Put, Discus & Hammer: Nike Zoom Rival SD 4 Throwing Shoes

TheTrackSpikes Score: 92.1%

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While competing at William & Mary, I personally used these shoes often and would recommend them for all throwers (shot put, discus & hammer throw) at any level. Even if you’re a beginner, these throwing shoes will help you hit better positions. It doesn’t matter if you throw shot put using the glide or spin technique, these shoes will help throw far. These shoes took our number one spot in our post “Throwing Shoes – The Best Gear to Help Increase Your PR”.

Technology – (4.70 / 5.00):

These shoes are the best on the market for throwing shoes. Hands down.

They come with a durable sole that elevates you onto the balls of your feet. You can easily turn and feel position in these. It comes with a strap to secure your fit and durable cushioning.

Durability – (4.70 / 5.00):

With this kind of technology, the Nike Zoom Rival SD’s are the top in the market for durability. No other throwing shoe can match this kind of technology, and last an entire season.

While Nike Zoom Rotational’s can provide faster rotation, the Nike Zoom Rival SD’s nearly the same rotation speed and longer durability. For that reason, we ranked the durability of this shoe a 4.7 out of 5.0 on our review.

Comfort – (4.50 / 5.00):

Just like all shoes, these throwing shoes can be uncomfortable at first. You need some time to break them in. After you get used to them, they are comfortable in comparison to other throwing shoes. The midsole caves in a little bit, and can cause some discomfort when first trying these out.

The purpose of throwing shoes is to help you rotate on the balls of your feet. These shoes help you achieve that. If you purchase these shoes, be aware that they may be uncomfortable at first, but will provide a great feel of the circle.

Sprints & Hurdles: Nike Zoom Rival S9 Track Spikes Score: 89%

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The Nike Men’s Zoom Rival S9 track spikes are the best spikes for anyone running in sprints (100M & 400M) or hurdle events (110H & 400H). Several users actually reported being able to use these spikes for middle and long-distance events as well. This well-rounded and versatile track spike earns itself a high standing in our rankings.

Technology (4.52 / 5.00):

For their low price point, the Nike Men’s Zoom Rival S9’s have the best technology for sprinters and hurdlers. It’s 8-spike Pebax® gets the job done by helping you get up and off the ground quickly. It weighs 6.1 oz and packs a punch.

Durability (3.93 / 5.00):

This track spike scored poorly in durability because of one thing: prevalence of stuck 1/4 inch spikes. Every runner knows that taking these out can be an absolute pain, however, you need to be cautious when using these. Just make sure they fit comfortably and are in their sockets.

Comfort (4.65 / 5.00):

Several customers report that these spikes are incredibly comfortable and lightweight. Some reviews to order anywhere from 0.5 to 1 size up, but the majority say that these fit comfortably with their regular size. It’s EVA sock liner conforms to the shape of your shoe over time to guarantee a comfortable fit.

Mid-Distance: ASICS Hypersprint 6 Track Spikes

TheTrackSpikes Score: 87.6%

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If you run mid-distance (400M & 800M), the ASICS Hypersprint 6’s will help you cruise through the finish line. The ASICS Hypersprint 6’s are known to have a snug fit, and help you decrease your time significantly during a race.

Price $59.99 (4.25 / 5.00):

For 400M & 800M track spikes, these are on the lower end. You will usually see shoes for middle-distance events going anywhere from $59.99 to $120+. It’s important to remember that sometimes the cheaper shoes can even have better performance than more expensive ones.

Technology – (4.70 / 5.00):

This shoe is tied with our technology rating with Nike Zoom SD 4’s. The ASICS Hypersprint 6’s by far has the most advanced technology for 400M & 800M sprinters. It comes with a five spike Pebax® spike plate that features an incredibly lightweight feel, rubber heel fit for grip, and stability from the rigid PU forefoot plate. It weighs 6.0 oz and has a breathable structure that will allow strong support and faster times.

Durability – (3.98 / 5.00):

The reported durability on these shoes is average. Reviews argue that although these shoes have incredible functionality and technology, the durability is certainly a problem. These shoes will probably last you the entire season if you are just using them as competition spikes.

Comfort – (4.57 / 5.00):

Several reviews on Amazon admired the comfortability of previous models like the ASICS Hypersprint 6’s. The shoes fit pretty well and allow for a strong grip on the track.

Long-Distance: New Balance LD5000v6 Track Spikes

TheTrackSpikes Score: 87.9%

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The New Balance LD5000v6 track spikes are a fantastic pair to own if you run anywhere between the 1,600M to the 10K or even steeplechase. These shoes were inspired by Emma Coburn, bronze medalist in the steeplechase at Rio 2016.

Technology – (4.50 / 5.00):

These spikes come packed with a four-spike Pebax® plate. They have an extra light mesh upper for great comfort on long-distance races. Reviewers say that those shoes are lightweight.

Durability – (4.45 / 5.00):

If you’re going to be racing for long miles, your track spike has to be durable. In this case, you’re in luck. Reviews say that the New Balance LD5000v6 can be used all season.

Comfort – (4.62 / 5.00):

The New Balance 5K v6’s provide a comfortable and lightweight option for running long distance. Weighing in at 4.1oz, these designed to fit spikes will help outkick your competitors in that finally 200M. They fit as expected, so you can order your regular size or a size up.

Jumps: Adidas Adizero TJ/PV Track Spikes

TheTrackSpikes Score: 85.7%

The Ultimate Track Spikes Buying Guide - The Track Spikes (5)

The Adidas Adizero’s are one of the most popular track spikes for jumpers. It doesn’t matter if you pole vault, long or triple jump – you need a pair of these if you’re trying to PR this upcoming season.

These shoes are expensive. There’s no way around it. If you’re really trying to make the varsity team at your high school, qualify for New Balance Nationals, or secure your spot in the NCAA Regional & National Championship, these shoes are certainly worth the investment.

Technology – (4.56 / 5.00):

The Adidas Adizero TJ/PV track spikes were specifically designed to provide you with the optimal speed in your approach. With a synthetic sole and a pro-moderator medial support device that aids jumpers from overpronating. It comes equipped with a mid-foot strap that allows for a snug fit. They have excellent traction against any type of track.

Durability – (4.25 / 5.00):

The Adidas Adizero series provides fantastic durability. These provide strong support and will last you the entire season (depending on how often you jump). The reaction off the ground with these shoes feels incredible and will give you extra bounce as your making your approach.

Comfort – (4.33 / 5.00):

These shoes are often preferred over Nike jumping spikes because these provide support that shapes to your foot. The outer sole of the shoes is also an upside. Many reviewers suggest to just get your true foot size because the fit is accurate.

Javelin: ASICS Javelin Pro Track Spikes

TheTrackSpikes Score: 89%

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The ASICS Javelin Pro spikes provide both strong durability and support. Their technology stands out amongst the rest and has earned strong credibility within the throwing world. Although often seen as a training spike, these can be a game-changer in competition. Note: These javelin spikes are for right-handed throwers, NOT left-handed ones.

Technology – (4.65 / 5.00):

The technology of the ASICS Javelin Pro’s is top-notch, specifically for right-handed throwers. The reason is it top-notch is because the left shoe features a high top, while the right foot has a mid-top. This completely enables a right-handed javelin thrower to hit the block at the end of their throw effortlessly. With a left high top, it allows for a better plant and an easier right foot turn after finishing your penultimate. This throwing specific technology makes this shoe a highly desirable one for both training and competition purposes.

Durability – (4.72 / 5.00):

ASICS is known for providing affordable and durable shoes. These track spikes can last you a very long time, even if you practice multiple times a week. They’re good in any weather and are truly a steal. Because they are so durable, many people use these track spikes when they are training, and shift to other shoes for competition. However, these are also great for competition. These will easily last you the entire season for every track meet.

Comfort – (3.80 / 5.00):

These shoes are only limited to right-handed throwers only. They have an elevated left high top and a mid-top for the right foot. Many have reported that while these shoes are extremely effective and durable, they have the downside of comfort. However, after breaking them in overtime, they will feel better.


The journey to finding your next pair of track spikes can be difficult and challenging. However, with our “Ultimate Guide to Track Spikes for Every Event” post, you will be better off than your competition. If you’re considering not even getting track spikes because they’re too expensive, we want to ask you this question: How seriously are you taking this?

The Ultimate Track Spikes Buying Guide - The Track Spikes (2024)


How do I know what track spikes to get? ›

Sprint, jump, and throw spikes should fit like a glove. They will be snug and provide a narrow fit. Your toes should reach the end of the shoes, but not be jammed into them. This is because these shoes are intended to act as an extension of your foot to allow for a more explosive feel.

Which brand has the best track spikes? ›

We pushed track spikes to the limit and found Nike's Air Zoom MaxFly as the best track spike overall. MaxFly screams maximum record-breaking speed with its light weight, race-ready fit, and snappy ride. We learned it showed optimum performance in 100-400m events and surprisingly felt comfortable on foot.

What track spikes make you run the fastest? ›

Nike Air Zoom MaxFly showed unmatched speed and comfort among all the sprint spikes we brought on track, making it our top lightweight choice for races. It has all the advanced technology to enhance speed while ensuring a light, steady, and comfortable ride.

Does it matter what spikes you get for track? ›

Whether you are competing in sprints, middle distance, distance, hurdle, or jump events, having the right track spikes can make a significant difference in your performance and results. Sprinter Spikes: Sprinter spikes are designed for speed and are the most lightweight of all the track spikes.

What size spikes should you buy? ›

Spikes come in a variety of sizes: 1/8 inches - 5/8 inches; however, when in doubt, purchase 1/4" spikes. Spikes longer than 1/4" may tear up some track surfaces. Check with your coach if you are not sure which ones you should use.

What size track spikes should I get? ›

Spike studs, or 'pins', come in different shapes and sizes. 6mm - These are best for track and field events. This is the only size of spike pin that is permitted on most athletics tracks.

What spikes do Usain Bolt use? ›

Bolt competed in Puma track spikes throughout his career, while Bromell does so in New Balance track spikes.

What spikes do 400m runners use? ›

Shop Spikes for Sprints (Up To 400m)
  • Nike track spikes.
  • New Balance track spikes.
  • Saucony track spikes.

Are 1 4 inch spikes legal? ›

Spikes are permitted during practice. Spike length must not exceed ¼ inch in length.

Do you run 800m in spikes? ›

Running spikes are necessary for runners who want to compete at their best on the track. Mid-distance track spikes are lightweight, but they still offer some cushioning in the heel to provide comfort during 800 to 1600-meter runs.

Should track spikes be tight? ›

Your toes should be close to the front of the shoe but still have room to move around. The shoe should hold your heel in without movement and have a solid hold through the midfoot. There should be a small amount of space in the toebox, but with a snugger fit than standard running shoes.

What not to do with track spikes? ›

Remove the spikes regularly – even if you're not changing lengths or the spikes themselves. If you leave them in too long without doing this, you run the risk of letting them get rusted in. So every couple of weeks it's good to loosen them all off and put them back in again. Don't let them get too short!

How often should you change track spikes? ›

If you are using them on a soft surface like grass, you might be able to get away with replacing them once a year. If you are using them on a harder surface like concrete, you will need to replace them more often. As a general rule of thumb, you should replace your spikes every 3-6 months.

How long do track spikes last? ›

Similar to road racing flats a runner can expect around 100 miles out of a pair of spikes. If only used for racing many high school runners can get through two cross country and track seasons assuming they do not outgrow the shoes first.

Are track spikes the same size as normal shoes? ›

For overall fit around the foot, yes. Spikes are meant to have a very secure fit around the shoe to eliminate wasted material and slop while racing. For sizing, begin with the same size as your regular running shoes and focus on the fit throughout.

Are all track spikes the same? ›

There are four types of running spikes for different events and these are outlined below: Sprint Spikes (All events up to and including 400m) Middle Distance Spikes (400m – 1500m) Long Distance Spikes (15oom and above)

What are 3 16 spikes used for? ›

Needle Spikes– Used primarily on all-weather tracks. They generate great traction. The most popular size is 3/16”.


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